What's a good blogging "stack" in 2019?

I am now blogging for quite a time, sometimes about tech stuff, sometimes about other stuff. Well you can find out more on https://danielhauck.net. This here is more of my diary of tech stuff and things I am trying out or building.

Don't expect anything from here, like beautiful imagery or anything well structured or nice language.

So, I am again in the mood of throwing my WordPress blog out of the window. Don't get me wrong, all in all it's a good stable system, but there are just a few things, that really drive me nuts.

The theme system, I mean come on, it's 2019, we got real template engines like twig, handlebars and jinja, I don't want to use the PHP open tag all the time. You are tied to the template hierarchy that's just awful.

I am just not the biggest fan of PHP, that's not a secret. And actually, I would really like to extend that things a bit. You know, simple things, connect this and that a bit.

You know, something like this:

I know, my drawing skills are just awesome.

Of course, I could do it with WordPress. But it would be less fun and would have to write PHP code.

So what do I need? Actually a simple platform, that is extendable. It should be able to hold posts, media and categories in any form (be it tags or categories or whatever).

The chances are there, that the platform only acts as a headless CMS and I am using something like Gatsby as a frontend, but that's to early to say. I am just in the mood of trying out something else and not sticking with WordPress just because I know it.

Like you are seeing in the scientific graphic above, I am writing in Markdown in an application called Ulysses. I really love that thing and I couldn't even think using something else to write. And it sadly has only three publishing options:

  • Medium
  • Wordpress
  • Ghost

I am currently using Wordpress, Medium is a public service, so guess what I will be trying next as a blogging framework?

Let's play with a Ghost

As I am constantly screwing up this page anyways, I just set up Ghost here to get a glimpse of what is going on. And yeah, I like it, there isn't too much stuff around here, I like that.

So dhauck.dev definitively will stick with Ghost for a while. But as this is basically just the diary of all my tech endevors, it really isn't representative. Instead I want to try to rebuild my current WordPress installation with Ghost. And of course as much as I can today + eat pizza and write about it.

See you in the next post.

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