Babysteps and fuckups with Ghost

Ghost is written in Node, which I actually like a lot, but haven't done for a while. And in the meantime I switched my notebook, so I had to reinstall all the stuff again.

And yes, NVM saved my ass.

The installation of ghost is quite easy, like I said, if you have set up NVM, so make sure you have that first and check to use the right version for Ghost.

Before you type in the ghost install local think about if you want to import content, if so you need to install version 1. Don't ask me why, I mean, it cannot be that hard to develop an import plugin or handle that stuff in the background but yeah, if you need to import data install version 1 with ghost install local --v1. There you go.

If you plan migrating from WordPress, just look at that post and read it to the end, not like I did...

Hammer in your credentials, skip the Invite your team screen and you are good to go. Almost.

Let's make sure to delete that demo content first, go to Labs and click that delete button:

Ok, so now should be the moment, when you upload the export file from Wordpress and besides some warnings it actually worked out.

As I am currently looking at the version 1 backend I have to admit, they really put thought into the user experience of version 2. Not bad, just take a look:

So what are my next plans?

  • Get a really simple theme, probably the same one as here, called attila from the ghost marketplace to learn about the template structure
  • Check the integration of comments, Ghost has no own system there
  • Test some use cases like putting in "special content blocks" before and after the content, for forms and stuff
  • Test the API for using Ghost headless
  • Integrate Mailchimp signup process

These are the plans for today.


The process of getting a theme couldn't more similar to Wordpress. Type "Ghost theme" into google and you will be presented with the usual suspects; themeforest, colorlib and a dozen more. And while doing exactly that, I came up with another theme, that I liked even more; called Crisp.

Follow the links to GitHub and click on Clone or download button and download it as a ZIP:

And then go to Design and hit upload the ZIP

Yeah, and the error throwing starts ... Ok, I won't tell you here, how many "simple" themes I tried ... Will be back in a minute.

Ok, I switched to attila from

The structure looks quite nice, but for my testing purposes right now, I won't dive to deep into the theme itself, I want to focus on the rest of the points from the top.

I found a blank theme here, that runs with gulp and is structured in a better way (my opinion ;)).

Ok, in the next post let's take a look at comments

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