Self Measuring #01 – What data do I need?

On my blog over at I am publishing monthly

reviews about what I did and what happened. Besides the writing about main events that consists of data.

So here are the things that I need:

  • Locations that I visited
  • Articles that I read and liked
  • Tasks that I have completed
  • Articles that I have written and published
  • Productivity Data

This data I not only will use for my monthly review, but also to measure myself and improve myself by learning where I could and need to do better. That’s actually the main reason, why I am doing it.

How to get the data?

Luckily most of the tools that I am using have an API. My first approach for the last two months was just using Zapier, putting the data into Google Sheets and running it through Googles Datastudio to analyze the results.

In the beginning that worked out, but Zapier has a task limit on the free tier and also doesn’t offer the granularity that I want and need. So I either I live with the lack of data or build my own thing.

Guess what, I will build my own stuff. It will be a bunch of collectors for the apps I am using:

  • Todoist
  • RescueTime
  • Pocket
  • Trello
  • WordPress

Probably I have forgotten something here. I will create a Trello board to track the progress and make it probably also public.

How I will do it?

I am not sure about everything right now. The parts that I am certain about is Python as a programming language. If you didn’t know, I was a Python / Django developer for years before I went in my current position as a Tech Lead.

At the moment I am also taking some classes about data science to get a little back to programming, so this is a great way to refresh my Python skills.

What else will be used I cannot determine now. The setup will be split in two parts; the collector and the analytics part. If the analytics parts will be a webapp in Django or something with NodeJS I cannot tell yet. But the collector will be plain Python for now to aggregate

Let’s do it

I will post about every single step on this blog here and for the next blog post the Trello board also will be ready. And probably new ideas will come, what kind of data I will gather and use.

See you!

Welcome ;)

I don’t want to write a long introduction here.

This page just consists of notes, related to software projects that I am currently working on.

There will be thoughts and experiences. Not more, not less 😉